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It can’t be a coincidence that Ghent, the capital of East Flanders, has been given several pretty names and descriptions: medieval Manhattan, the historical heart of Flanders, a city of all times, and one of the most beautiful historical cities in Europe. The city combines an impressive past with a vivid present. You will hardly ever find such a diversity of architectural styles and treasures of which most are protected as national heritage by UNESCO. Strolling through Ghent often coincides with an adventurous travel through history.

But above all, Ghent is alive! Here pounds the young heart of a dazzling city of culture with music, theatre, film and visual arts. A city where cultural perspectives are constantly renewed and enlarged, where culture is a feast and where feasting is a form of culture. Not only art lovers but nearly everyone can find something here to suit his taste. Ghent offers over 300 restaurants, numerous pubs, pleasant shopping streets, and an exciting nightlife.

Over 70,000 students make Ghent their home, which makes us the largest university town of Belgium with an international reputation when it comes to research and innovation. This creates a young and lively vibe and makes sure you’ll never feel like you’re walking alone through the city at night. Importantly, Ghent is known as a safe city. It is the only Belgian city with a lighting plan.

Did you know that...

... The knowledge concentrated in the city’s university, colleges and the inhabitants’ passion for culture and music come together to create an extremely propitious climate exceptionally suited for EAAP 2019.
... Ghent has been in the seventh place on the Must-See list in Lonely Planet’s “Best in Travel”
... Ghent scored 64 % on the Creative City Index, which reflects a city’s creative heartbeat. In fact the city obtained the second highest score of all the cities that had been analyzed up to now.
... National Geographic Traveller Magazine ranked Ghent as the third most authentic destination in a list of 109 nominees.

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