Organizing Committees

The 70th EAAP annual meeting is organized by the Flanders Research Institute for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (ILVO) under the patronage of the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) from the Flemish Government. The organization of this event is also in close collaboration with other Belgian institutes, including Ghent University (UGent), the University of Leuven (KUL), the University of Antwerp (UA), the University of Liège (ULG), the University of Louvain (UCL), Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech (GAB) and the Walloon Research Centre for Agriculture (CRA-W).

Belgian Steering Committee

President: Sam De Campeneere (ILVO)
Executive secretaries: Bart Sonck (ILVO), Sam Millet (ILVO), Johan De Boever (ILVO)
Members: Hanne Geenen (DAF), Ivan Ryckaert (DAF), Jurgen Vangeyte (ILVO), Stefaan De Smet (UGent), Nadia Everaert (ULG)
Conference Organizer: Lieve Ectors (Semico)

Belgian Scientific Committee

President: Johan De Boever (ILVO)
Vice-president: Sam De Campeneere (ILVO)
Executive secretaries: Sam Millet (ILVO), Bart Sonck (ILVO)
Animal Genetics: Nadine Buys (KUL), Stefaan De Smet (UGent), Nicolas Gengler (ULG)
Animal Health and Welfare: Ben Aernouts (KUL), Dominiek Maes (UGent), Frank Tuyttens (ILVO)
Animal Nutrition: Yves Beckers (ULG), Eric Froidmont (CRA-W), Veerle Fievez (UGent), Yvan Larondelle (UCL)
Animal Physiology: Nadia Everaert (ULG), Jo Leroy (UA), Geert Janssens (UGent)
Livestock Farming Systems: Jérôme Bindelle (ULG), Didier Stilmant (CRA-W), Daan Delbare (ILVO)
Cattle Production: Frédéric Dehareng (CRA-W), Geert Opsomer (UGent), Leen Vandaele (ILVO)
Horse Production: Steven Janssens (KUL), Charlotte Sandersen (ULG), Myriam Hesta (UGent)
Pig Production: Joris Michiels (UGent), Marijke Aluwé (ILVO), Jeroen Dewulf (UGent)
Sheep and Goat: Pierre Rondia (CRA-W), Bert Driessen (KUL)
Insects: Mik Van Der Borgt (KUL), Veerle Van linden (ILVO)
Precision Livestock Farming: Jurgen Vangeyte (ILVO), Tomas Norton (KUL), Hélène Soyeurt (ULG)

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