Presentation guidelines

Please note very clearly that you have to be registered and have paid by June 1st 2019. All abstracts of authors of oral and poster communications who have not been registered by June 1st, will be removed from the programme. If you are not presenting the work yourself, please make sure that the presenting author of your abstract knows about this rule!

For registration, please visit the conference website:

Instructions for Oral Presentations

Uploading the presentations in the preview room (adjacent to the Registration Desk) is mandatory at the latest one day before the presentation. Technicians are available to upload the presentation from your USB stick to the presentation system in the Preview room during the opening hours of the registration desk on Sunday August 25th and during normal reception hours on Monday August 26th to Thursday August 29th. It is strongly recommended that all presentations scheduled for Monday morning are uploaded on Sunday. Computers are available in the Preview room if you wish to check or update your presentation before uploading.

Uploading the presentations in the Preview room is mandatory.

Each conference room is equipped with a projector and a connected computer. The presentation software is MS PowerPoint. The use of personal computers for presentations is not allowed. All meeting rooms will be equipped with the standard 16:9 screens.

Posters and poster sessions

Please note that poster presentations have been split into two parts. Posters belonging to the sessions on Monday and Tuesday (no. 01 – 32) plus the genetics posters of Session 44 should be put up on Sunday or Monday morning and the poster discussion session takes place on Monday August 26th from 17.00 - 18.00 h, when authors should be in attendance at their poster. Posters belonging to sessions on Wednesday and Thursday (no. 33 – 73), minus session 44, should be put up on Wednesday morning and the poster discussion session takes place on Wednesday August 28th from 17.00 - 18.00 h, when authors should be in attendance at their poster.

The maximum size for a poster is A0 (width 841 mm x height 1189 mm; 33.1 x 46.8 inches). The posters must be in the portrait format.

Materials to fix your poster to the board will be supplied on site. Please use ONLY these materials. The poster boards will be numbered by the organisers. The location of the poster will be available on the desk within the poster tent.

We recommend that you mount your poster immediately after registering to the conference or at your earliest convenience. Poster printing and mounting service will be offered soon.

Posters of the first part (sessions no. 01 – 25) should be removed between 16.00 and 18.00 on Tuesday afternoon. Posters of the second part (sessions no. 26 – 55) should be removed by 18.00 on Thursday afternoon at the latest.

Posters guided tours

During the Ghent meeting, eight posters guided tours will be organised, two each for Genetic, Nutrition, Horse and Health and Welfare Study Commissions. Each tour will be planned for a group of maximum 10 people. Posters are located according to disciplines in clusters of 11 and there will be a note board for each such group. Participants are simply asked to write their names on the board of their favourite discipline group. The posters guided tours will be advertised by the specific Study Commissions during the previous scientific sessions. Participants will have to write their names on the prepared board. When there will be 10 names on the board the specific posters guided tour will be considered full. Information about when the tour starts and who is the tour guide will be available on the board.

Poster print service

A poster print service is offered through University Press for the price of 25 euro per poster (payment online via QR-code of payconiq). The academic poster will be printed as A0 in portrait format. Printing occurs ecologically using green electricity, water-based inks and recycled paper. Posters have to be submitted as pdf file by mail to before the 20th of August 2019 at the latest. In the subject of your e-mail you should mention ‘Poster EAAP2019 Ghent’. Posters will be available at the registration desk from Sunday the 25th of August.

Publishing presentations on the EAAP website

The summary booklet containing all abstracts presented at the conference will be made available on the this web site. PDF files of presented papers will also be available following the conference for downloading from the EAAP website. These sites will enable the delegates to obtain more detailed information about the presentations given at the meeting. A password, given only to the registered participants, will be required.

To authors

In case the authors do not wish to give permission to make the PDF presentation or poster available on the EAAP website, they must inform the EAAP before 30 September 2019 (after the conference) by sending an email to After this date the EAAP will assume permission and include your presentation/poster on the EAAP website.

Poster presentations on the EAAP website

Please send by 1 September 2019 the PDF of your poster (other formats are not accepted) to the EAAP ( for publishing on the EAAP website. The submitted file must:

  • be in the following format: S(xx)p_(yy).pdf where xx indicates the number of the session and yy the number of the poster (you can find the number of your poster from the final programme);
  • be smaller than 10 MB;
  • in case of videos, the files need to be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo and have links added;
  • please send the PDF of your poster to in advance of the meeting (please name the file correctly). The email has to contain the email address of the author.

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